BBC Sherlock premiered on July 25, 2010. On July 25, 285, the Roman emperor Diocletian appointed Maximilian as co-ruler. Diocletian was born on December 22. If you write out Diocletian’s birthday numerically, you get 1212. In the beginning of the song “Get it Together” by The Beastie Boys, guest rapper Q-Tip says, “1-2-1-2 keep it on.” Q-Tip is a rapper. SHINee has a rapper, Minho. Coincidence?

BBC Sherlock is about two men who are friends. SHINee released a song called “A.Mi.Go” in  2008. “Amigo” means “friend” in Spanish. BBC Sherlock premiered in 2010. Coincidence?

BBC Sherlock has two seasons. All the SHINee members have two eyes. Now do you really think that’s a coincidence?

"Get out! Get out of my head!"

Why he closed the door.