Wishes On a Wheel

Caitlin Morrin (August 2012), Parisa Walklett

Paolo Ventura - Winter Stories (2010)

“Scenes from the memory bank of a fictional circus performer as he looks back on his life during his final moments.

Using his own childhood memories, beautiful miniature figures, and extraordinarily detailed sets constructed from props purchased at flea markets, Ventura creates a fictional Northern Italian town where a traveling carnival has stopped.

His work evokes a simpler time from Italy’s past, but with a dark twist—shadowy backdrops and retreating figures remind us that this is not quite Eden.” 


Commando Group (A group of people who specialize in visual identity, art direction, illustration and photography).

The objective of this project is to investigate the boundaries between photography and graphic design/illustration and hopefully produce something remarkable in the process. The original photographs were provided py photographer Damian Heinisch.

 j.m.w. turner+horizons 


Photographer Irene Suchocki

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“And Then…” is a collaborative photography project between photographer Jo Metson Scott and artist/set designer Nicola Yeoman. Each photograph depicts an open narrative set in a wooded scene, whether it be a ghostly horse drawn carriage or a downed hot air balloon — the series is ethereal, beautiful and thoughtful.

Franck Bohbot -  Theaters

Spanish nuns, 1934, photo by Erno Vadas

Candy Cigarette, 1969 by Sally Mann

Sally Mann’s famed body of work Immediate Family documents her three children, Emmett, Jessie and Virginia, in an array of scenes at their home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Capturing them as they sleep, interact, dress up and role play. Mrs. Mann’s photographs highlight a heightened maturity that defies their age, creating a tension between the push of childhood and the pull of adulthood. Even when the scenes themselves are innocent, there is a knowing gaze from the subject that, in my opinion, charges the image itself.

In Candy Cigarette (1989), Mrs. Mann’s eldest daughter Jessie stares defiantly at the camera, at her mother, with tousled hair and a cigarette made of bubblegum. Something which I personally find rather fascinating in that photograph is that Jessie is exhibiting a self-awareness as both a female and also as a subject of her mother’s lens. While Mrs. Mann’s work has consistently come under public scrutiny for its intimate subject matter, at the root of her project, Immediate Family is a family album filled with the stories, memories and moments that define Sally Mann as a mother and as a photographer.

Back Garden Cabaret, London (East End), June 28, 1935