Oh, don’t talk to me about balloons. Balloons explode, Jen. They explode suddenly and unexpectedly. They are filled with the capacity to give me a little fright and I find that unbearable.

make me choose
honourinrevenge asked: sebastian stan or ian somerhalder

An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Elie Saab S/S 2014 Haute Couture [3/3]

Title: Breezeblocks
Artist: Alt-J
Album: An Awesome Wave
Plays: 237


remember that time roman had ice cream


Fangirl challenge [10] OTPs Roman & Peter

"He was not comfortable with this degree of intimacy. He did not like where this was going. The layers of outer affectation peeled away to reveal the other boy’s inner need. His need that he thought Peter could somehow meet. The only thing that scared Peter off more than other people’s needs was a cage, though in the end what was the difference?"